Reasons and solutions for the failure of magnetic float level gauge

The three common troubleshooting methods are as follows:
Fault 1. The indication is abnormal
The indication of the float level gauge is abnormal, which is a very common fault of the float level gauge. Usually there are the following manifestations:
Phenomenon 1. The floating ball level gauge in the atmospheric pressure workshop has a large indication
Troubleshooting: Through inspection, it is found that the counterweight of the float ball is at a low point, indicating that the liquid level of the instrument is high. The on-site glass plate and the indicator of the instrument do not match, usually the false liquid level phenomenon of high liquid level caused by the falling off of the instrument float. At this time, it can be dealt with by stopping the maintenance and replacing the floating ball.
Phenomenon 2. The float level gauge in the aromatic hydrocarbon tank area does not change with the liquid level in the container, and always indicates a large
Troubleshooting: At this time, you should check whether the floating ball falls off, and if it falls off, reinstall it.
Phenomenon 3. The indication of the float level gauge is low
Troubleshooting: The above fault phenomenon may be caused by the falling off of the floating ball, the breakage of the floating ball connecting rod, the damage of the floating ball conversion mechanism, the damage of the floating ball pointer or the meter head, etc. If the instrument conversion mechanism is pressed, the float link rotates flexibly, and the pointer and the meter head are unobstructed, the float link should be replaced at this time.
Phenomenon 4. The float level transmitter suddenly has no indication
Troubleshooting: If the loop voltage is measured, there is no signal, the polarity of the primary element power supply is not reversed, and the current conversion part has no current output, it means that the meter head is damaged, and the meter head of the float level gauge should be replaced.

Fault 2. Interference by magnetic field
If the float level gauge malfunctions, according to the analysis of the working principle of the float level gauge, it is mostly due to the interference of the magnetic field. Because the float ball and guide rod of the float level gauge contain magnetic objects, if they are interfered by other magnetic fields in the application environment, it will affect the normal operation of the instrument, and even lead to the occurrence of demagnetization of instrument components.
Troubleshooting: Please check whether there is a strong magnetic field around the instrument and the container in time, and confirm that there is no magnetic impurity in the measured liquid. If there is a magnetic field, please remove it in time to avoid the appearance of the float level gauge due to the interference of the magnetic field. abnormal.

Fault 3. The float is stuck
Float is stuck, usually because the liquid to be tested contains impurities and dirt. Over time, the guide rod will gradually scale. If the floating ball is stuck, it will cause no signal output from the instrument.
Troubleshooting: If the floating ball is stuck, the instrument personnel should check the status of the floating ball in time, check whether there is scale condensation on the surface of the guide rod, and clean it up as soon as possible. Especially for the measured liquid containing impurities, the instrument personnel should clean the instrument guide rod regularly.

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