Very important: the selection of the magnetic level gauge with steam jacket and the reminder of the manufacturer

Precautions when using the magnetic level gauge with steam jacket The magnetic level gauge is also called the magnetic flap level gauge, which is used in various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries The liquid level and boundary level of the medium in the equipment are indicated. Sometimes the crystallization point of the medium is relatively low. Once the temperature is lower than a certain value, it will crystallize and freeze, which will affect the measurement. Therefore, steam insulation is required at this time. Then the magnetic level gauge should be equipped with a steam jacket. The steam jacket is as shown in the figure below. Shown: The interface of the steam jacket is conventionally M20*1.5, which can be customized according to requirements. What material is used for the steam pipe and attention to use:

1. Steam pipes with pressure greater than 1.0 MPa gauge pressure and temperature greater than 200 ℃, hot water pipes with pressure greater than 1.6 MPa (gauge pressure) and temperature less than or equal to 180 ℃ shall be seamless steel pipes. And our Sanchang liquid level gauge pipes are all industrial 304 seamless steel pipes by default.
2. Valves should be installed on the branch pipes leading to each user for hot water, steam and condensate pipes. When the length of the branch pipe is less than 20m, it can not be installed.
3. The high and low points of hot water, steam and condensate pipelines should be equipped with air release valves and water release valves respectively.
4. The steam pipe has a small caliber and low heat loss.
5. When you first start steaming, you should first check whether the heat preservation and accessories are intact, steam slowly, drain the pipe, heat the pipe, check the expansion and deformation of the pipe, and the stress of the bracket and hanger. After zui, remind other users that when purchasing floats separately, they should inform whether the panel type is a vacuum panel or whether the level gauge is jacketed, because in these cases, the magnetic of the float needs to use a high-strength magnetic float, otherwise it will not be possible to replace it. Use, after all, the previous level gauge is not ordered in our factory, of course, we will remind you before purchasing.

Post time: 26-11-21