Rotary Paddle Level Switch For Particles and Powder

Short Description:

Rod Length: Standard: 150-500mm

Fluid Type: Powder, Particle

Working Temperature: -20~80℃(Max:400℃)

Process Connection: Thread, Flange

Protection Grade: IP65

Working Power Supply: 220VAC,110VAC,24VDC

Blade Material: 304,316L

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Working Principle
ZX rotary switch is a level controller for solid materials (including powder, block, granular, gel, etc.). The motor drives the blade to rotate. When the measured medium reaches the blade position, the blade is blocked and stops rotating, thereby triggering the micro switch to output the switch signal. When the measured medium descends away from the blade, the blade returns to the original position and continues to rotate under the action of the spring. The tension of the spring can be adjusted according to the specific gravity of the measured medium, and the spring with the material ratio is adjusted to the strongest, and vice versa.
The rotary switch has been widely used in the chemical, plastic, cement, pharmaceutical, feed, food and other industries.


1, with overload protection to prevent motor damage
2. Good sealing performance, strong overload capability and large output contact capacity.
3. The torque is stable and adjustable. According to the different specific gravity, the sensitivity of the switch can be adjusted by adjusting the tension of the spring.
4, special design blades can be used for low density materials

Technical Parameters

Rod Length: Standard:150-500mmStretched: 500-2500mm
Fluid Type: Powder, Particle
Particle Diameter: ≤20mm
Working Temperature: -1080℃(Max:400℃)
Material: SS304, SS316L
Rotating Speed: 1r/min
Signal Output: 2Xdpdt
Contact Capacity: 250VAC/10A, 1*SPST
Process Connection: Thread, Flange
Power Supply: 220VAC, 110VAC, 24VDC
Protection Grade: IP65

Powder warehouse, storage tank, power industry in various industries: coal transportation, ash removal system (ash bucket, warehouse pump, ash warehouse). Such as: cement plant, flour cans, packaging hoppers, various raw material silos, batching mixing tanks, wood chip bins, liquid tanks, etc.

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