SSR High Quality Solid State Relay 220v 230v Enhanced SSR Relay 3-40v

Short Description:

Load voltage 240V / 480V / 660V / 1200V
Control voltage 70-280VAC
Control current AC≤12mA
On voltage drop ≤ 1.5 V
Off-leakage current ≤ 2mA
On-off time ≤ 10ms
Dielectric strength 2500V AC
Insulation resistance 100MΩ / 500V DC
Ambient temperature -30 degreeC ~ +75 degreeC
Mounting Chassis mount
Indicator LED
Weight 0.135 kg

1. All models with the same universal standard size

2. Operation indicator (red LED) enables monitoring operation

3.Protective cover for greater safety

4.AC and DC input versions available

5.Fast response and robust

6.Zero cross function

7.No noise during the operation

8.Chassis mount

9.Built-in RC snubber

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