Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switch Liquid Solid Particles and Powders

Short Description:

Fluid: Liquid, Powder, Particle

Rod Material: SS304, SS316L

Working Temperature: -40130℃

Ambient Temperature: -2070℃

Working Temperature: ≤2.5MPa

Fluid Density: Particle: ≥0.1g/cm³  Liquid: ≥0.7g/cm³

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Product Instructions
Tuning fork vibrating level switches, by resonant piezoelectric crystal to cause their vibration,When subjected to material damping. Drastically reduced the amplitude and the frequency and phase of significant change. These changes will be detected by the internal electronic circuits, and then after treatment, converted into a switching signal.

Product Features
It is practical and simple, reliable, and applicability;
Tuning fork and output were working condition, all with LED indication;
It may indicate that under customary adjustment;
A variety of input and output.

Product Parameter

Fluid: Liquid, Powder, Particle
Rod Length: Standard: 250mm100-3000mm optional
Rod Material: SS304, SS316L
Fluid temperature: -40℃~130℃
Ambient temperature: -20℃~70℃
Working pressure ≤2.5MPa
Fluid density: Particle ≥ 0.1 g/cm3
Liquid ≥ 0.7 g/cm3
Particle diameter: ≤1 0 mm
Signal Output: Relay output, 3A/220VAC
Delay Time: 1-60s Adjustable
Process Connection: G1 " , G3/4" thread or Flange (Customize)
Enclosure: IP65

Tuning Fork Vibrating Level Switches06

Tuning Fork Vibrating Level Switches07


Tuning Fork Vibrating Level Switches08

Product Application

Tuning fork switches are usually used with level meters to control and measure materials. It is mainly aimed at the powder and small particle materials with a wide range of density, such as the detection of inlet and outlet pipe blockage of the dust collector, the material level measurement of the ash hopper of the dust collector, and the limit measurement of plastics, rubber powder, flour, various grain crops, food, chemical products and so on. For all kinds of liquids, such as slurry, sticky, easy to foam, corrosive and other media limit detection.
1. Strong adaptability - different electrical parameters and densities of the tested materials have no impact on the measurement. Harsh conditions such as scaling, agitation, turbulence, bubbles, vibration, medium viscosity, high temperature and high pressure also have no impact on the detection.
2. Maintenance free - since the detection process of tuning fork limit switch is completed by electronic circuit and there are no moving parts, maintenance is not required once it is installed and put into operation.
3. No need for adjustment - since the detection of tuning fork limit switch is not affected by the electrical parameters and density of the measured medium, no matter what liquid is measured, it does not need to be adjusted on site.

Testing  Video Of VACORDA Tuning Fork Level Switch

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