UHK Magnetic Float liquid Level Switch

Short Description:

Max Insert Depth: 5m(5m Customize)

Density: ≧ 0.65g/m3

Nominal Pressure: PN2.5~PN160(Special type for PN320)

Operation Temperature: -40~150℃

Material: SS304, SS316L, PP, SS304+PTFE

Product Detail

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Product Instruction
UHK liquid level float switches is composed of reed pipe, magnetic float and internal circuit, taking advantage of the floating ball with a magnetic component lifting with the level to drive the opening or closing of the offline and online location of the dry reed pipe.Through the internal circuit device outputs a set of continuously open to continuously closed ( SPDT ) passive contact ,the contacts can string directly into the AC contactor coil circuit which can control the AC contactor to close or open ( without the need for additional secondary circuit ) to control the water pump motor or other electrical equipment’s play or stop and to control the container’s level automatically.

Product Features
1. Long life span, stable and reliable operation, easy installation, almost no maintenance
2. Independent of mediums’ physical and chemical status.
3. Magnetic float ball level switch is applied in all kinds of bad medium environment with density ≥0.65g/cm³.
4. Available for interface detection of mediums with two different densities.
5. Anti-explosion design.
6. Upper limit and/or lower limit available.

Product Structure

UHK Magnetic Float liquid Level Switch02

 Product Parameter

Max insert depth: L=5m(>5m customize)
Max control scope: L-120mm
Min control scope: 50mm(<50mm customize)
Medium density: ≧0.65g/cm3
Working pressure: PN2.5~ PN160
Working temperature: -40~150 ℃
Float diameter: Ф28~Ф120(depending on pressure and density)
Installation type: Flange: DN40~DN150
Flange standard: HG/T20592~2009
(Pressure≧PN25, Flange≧DN125)
G2” thread
Other method (consulting)
Maximum switch frequency: ≦1×105
Error: ±8±2mm
Working power supply: 220VAC/380VAC
Max voltage of switch: ≦250VAC
Max current of switch: 5A
Installation angle: ≦±25°
Wiring box: M20×1.5 female thread
Protection grade: IP65
Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT6Gb

Control principle




UHK magnetic float type level switch is made of different materials and can be used in almost all strong and weak corrosion-resistant mediums and non-corrosive mediums. It can be used to control the liquid level in the containers automatically for such industries as petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas and so on.

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