UQK Magnetic Float Level Switch

Short Description:

Measuring Range: 80~300mm(Customize)

Density: ≧ 0.5g/m3

Nominal Pressure: PN2.5~PN160(Special type up to PN320)

Operation Temperature: -40~150℃

Material: SS304, SS316L,Titanium alloy

Product Detail

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UQK side mounted magnetic float liquid level swith and pontoon level switch consist of reed and magnetic float ball, which is based on the floating principle that utilizes magnetic float ball to make the relevant reed close or open according to the height changing of the liquid level, thus controlling and measuring the liquid level.

Product Features

1. Without external power supply, passive output contact ;

2. Long life span, stable and reliable operation, easy installation, almost no maintenance.

3. Independent of mediums’ physical and chemical status.

4. Intelligent magnetic float level swith is applied in all kinds of bad medium environment with density ≥0.5g/cm³.

5. Available for interface detection of mediums with two different densities.

6. Wide application range. Pressure 0~PN160 (max. up to PN320), temperature -40~+150℃;

7. Anti-explosion design.

8. Customization.

Product Structure

UQK Magnetic Float Level Switch02

Technical Parameters

Installation type DN50/RF/PL(HG/T20592-2009; >PN100,HG/T 20615-2009,DN≥65)
Medium Density ≥0.5g/cm3
Float diameter PN≤6.3MPa, float diameter=45mm;PN>6.3MPa, float diameter=65mm
Swith condition&Qty SPDT, 1 Piece
Installation depth L 80~300mm(can be customized)
Max voltage 250VAC, 230VAC(Resistive load)
Max current 0.6A(SPDT); 2A(SPST)
Max volume 0.6A:60W(reed pipe type); 2A:200W(jiggle switch)
Working temperature scope  -40~80°C   -40~120°C
High temperature type ≤ 150°C
Pressure PN2.5~PN160 (Max pressure: PN320)Note: while pressure>PN100, flange should be ≥DN65.
Connection M20×1.5 female thread
Installation angle ≤ ±10°
IP grade IP65
Anti-explosion grade Exia II CT6Ga or Exd II CT6Gb


UQK float ball level switch and pontoon level switch are made of different materials, and can be used in almost all strong and weak corrosion-resistant mediums and none corrosive mediums.

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