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Sichuan VACORDA Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production-manufacturing enterprise specialized in designing, producing and marketing of instruments and apparatuses. Our company has been established for 21 years since 1997 to grow up to be a team of high-quality, united, hard-working and truth-seeking characters. Solid foundation has been established. 

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Nobody wants to the problem, but it can not completly avoid, so vacorda will actively cooperate with the customer to solve the problem if there is a problem occur. Below is the general terms of the vacorda after-sales service. Of course, we are willing to negotiation with you for the particular terms according to the actual condition. 

If the customer install, adjust and test the product according to Manual, the warranty is 12 months from delivery date.
If the product comes out quality problems because of vacorda, you could return the product, and vacorda is responsible for repair for free, exchange goods or return goods.
If the customer or third party dismantle or change the product and weld unit on circuit board without informing vacorda, or use the product not according to operation manual, vacorda will not undertake any responsibility.
The customer is supposed to read product manual and warning.If the damage is caused by incorrect installation or misapplication, all the responsibility should be undertaken by the customer.

Our quality policy is "the implementation of the system, strict management, improvement to improve customer satisfaction," so that customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. We will always take customer concerns, sincere and trustworthy, and constantly strive to improve to improve, to better product quality, better service to return all the friends for their support and love.Feel free to contact us for any problem

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