Magnetic Level Gauge

The remote type magnetic liquid level indicators is made up of measuring body,dual-colored display cylinder, ruler, top&low flange,magnetic ball and transmitter (4-20mA).Based on buoyance principle,the magnetic ball in the body of the level gauge is up or down with the liquid level changing and makes dual-colored turning to show the level of medium. Each cylinder is with two-color axisymmetric structures.The distance of two cylinders is 10mm.

Magnetic Level Gauge



Rotary Paddle Level Switch

ZX rotary switch is a level controller for solid materials (including powder, block, granular, gel, etc.). The motor drives the blade to rotate. When the measured medium reaches the blade position, the blade is blocked and stops rotating, thereby triggering the micro switch to output the switch signal.

Rotary Paddle Level Switch



Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

Turbine flow meter, liquid flows through the turbine housing causing an internal rotor to spin. As the rotor spins, an electrical signal is generated in the pickup coil. This signal is converted into engineering units (liters, cubic meters, gallons etc.) on the local display where is applicable. Optional accessory modules can be used to export the signal to other equipment.

Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

25 Years

Measuring Insteruments



Sichuan VACORDA Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is a professional production-manufacturing enterprise specialized in designing, producing and marketing of instruments and apparatuses. Our company has been established for 25 years since 1997 to grow up to be a team of high-quality…



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    Apply to Ultra-high Pressure Boiler

    This company focus on six level gauges for high pressure boiler. Since medium for boiler is various, direct reading glass plate level gauge is usually used in high pressure boiler. However, working environment is so hazardous that workers cannot b...

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    Apply to Special Steel Industry

    The company’s main project are special steel industry, supporting the construction of power generation, cement .etc.   The customers choose our magnetic flap level gauge and electrical contact level gauge, the working conditions is belo...

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    Russia XX Company

    Russia A Company, focused on level measurement and control engineering in Russia alpine zone, their project is located in the Siberian plain, the area is in the middle and high latitudes, complex terrain, cold weather. Annual average temperature i...

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    America Chemical Technology Field

    America  ***  Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a chemical listed companies. Now it has more than 300 tons production scale of urea, compound fertilizer, melamine, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, woven products, heavy film packaging, diesel exhaust ...

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    Apply to Agricultural Chemical Industry

    The new workshop of this company is completed, and all equipment has been on site. This company invites vacorda company to measure pesticide tank and come up with solution.   In Aug, 2015, vacorda company sent several professional inspectors ...



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