Alcohol Industry Application

In a distillery, liquid level, material level, temperature, and pressure instruments are crucial for ensuring efficient, safe, and stable production processes. Below are common applications of these instruments in a distillery:
Liquid Level Instruments
Float Level Gauge:Used for monitoring the level in fermentation tanks, storage tanks, and mixing tanks by measuring the up-and-down movement of the float.
Ultrasonic Level Meter:Suitable for various liquid storage tanks, measures level based on the reflection of ultrasonic waves, providing non-contact and high-precision level measurement.
Radar Level Gauge:Measures levels in storage tanks, especially suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, or corrosive environments using radar wave reflection for precise measurement.
Capacitance Level Gauge:Suitable for fermentation tanks, storage tanks, and mixing tanks, determines the level by measuring changes in capacitance, ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
Temperature Instruments
Thermocouple:Measures temperatures in fermentation tanks, distillation columns, cooling systems, and other critical processes, offering fast response and high-precision measurements.
Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD):Used for monitoring temperatures in fermentation processes, cooling systems, and storage tanks, known for high precision and stability.
Bimetal Thermometer:Suitable for measuring temperatures in distillation columns, boilers, and storage tanks, uses the expansion principle of bimetal strips, durable and easy to read.
Pressure Instruments
Pressure Sensor:Monitors the pressure in fermentation tanks, distillation columns, and pipelines, ensuring the system operates within safe and optimal pressure ranges.
Pressure Gauge:Suitable for distillation columns, boilers, and cooling systems, provides intuitive pressure readings, aiding operators in timely adjustment of process parameters.
Pressure Switch:Automatically starts and stops pumps or other equipment when system pressure reaches a set value, ensuring safety and stability in the production process.
These instruments and systems play a critical role in distilleries, ensuring efficient, stable, and safe production processes while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Recommended Instruments

Product->Level Gauge->Ultrasonic Level Gauge

PTFE Anti-corrosion Probe Ultrasonic Water Level Meter

Product->Level Gauge->Glass Level Gauge

HKR Reflective Borosilicate Oil Sight Glass Level Gauge

Product->Level Gauge->Magnetic Level Gauge

UHC Frost Proof Magnetic Level Meter With Alarm

Product->Flowmeter->Electromagnetic Flowmeter

HKLD Magnetic Flow Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Product->Flowmeter->Ultrasonic Flowmeter

FT221 Clamp On Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Product->Flowmeter->Differential Pressure Flowmeter

LX Differential Pressure Wedge Flow Meter

Product->Flowmeter->Standard Throttle Device

LG-B Throttling Devices Orifice Plate Flowmeters

Product->Switch & Controller->Tuning Fork Switch

Vibrating Tuning Fork Level Switch Liquid Solid Particles and Powders

Product->Switch & Controller->Paddle Switch

HZXS Thread Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Product->Switch & Controller->RF Level Switch

HKD1000 Admittance Level Switch

Product->Switch & Controller->UQK Level Gauge

Smart UQK Float Level Switch Water Level Controller

Product->Transmitter->Differential Pressure Transmitter

HB3351 Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitters

Product->Hydrostatic Transmitter->Transmitter

HBY302 Submersible Tank Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Level Gauge->Displacer Level Gauge->Product->Transmitter->Level Transmitter

HKD2000 Electric Displacer Level Gauge Displacer Level Transmitter

Product->Sensor->Level Sensor->Transmitter

UHK Magnetic Float liquid Level Sensor

Level Gauge->Displacer Level Gauge->Displacement Sensor

Vacorda High Temperature Tube Liquid Water Dispenser Level Sensor

Product->Level Gauge->Magnetostrictive Level Gauge->Sensor->Level Sensor

Vacorda UHF Magnetostrictive Level Sensor