• Application Environment and Installation Methods for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in various industrial applications to measure the flow of conductive liquids. The successful deployment of electromagnetic flowmeters depends on the specific application environment and proper installation methods. Here are key considerations: Applicatio...
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  • Classification of Differential Pressure (DP) Flowmeters

    Classification of Differential Pressure (DP) Flowmeters Differential Pressure (DP) flowmeters are a category of flow measurement devices that operate based on the pressure difference across an obstruction in a fluid flow path. These flowmeters can be classified into various types based on their d...
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  • The Application of Magnetic Level Gauges in the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

    A Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) is a device used for measuring the level of liquid in a container or vessel, such as a tank, using magnetic principles. It is commonly employed in various industries, including the petroleum and petrochemical industry, due to its reliability and efficiency in prov...
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  • OGA 2023,VACORDA Waitting For You! At Kuala Lumpur

    OGA 2023,VACORDA Waitting For You! At Kuala Lumpur

    As the leading oil and gas event in Southeast Asia, OGA brings together a diverse range of exhibitors across the global supply chain., 19th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Engineering Exhibition will open on the evening of 16rd. This time, we VACORDA Instrument Group, will attend the exhibiti...
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  • Key technical points of vortex flowmeter

    1. Accuracy Accuracy, also known as accuracy, refers to the degree to which the measurement results of a vortex flowmeter are close to the true value. Generally expressed as absolute or relative error: Absolute error=measured value – true value Relative error=absolute error/true value Any t...
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  • Technical parameters and product characteristics of plug-in ultrasonic flow meters

    An important application of plug-in ultrasonic flow meters is ultrasonic heat meters. Install a heat meter in the heat exchange system. When hot water flows through the system, the temperature compensation of the ultrasonic flow meter and the ultrasonic heat meter involve the measurement of fluid...
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  • The difference and selection between liquid level switches and liquid level sensors

    Liquid level refers to the level of liquid in a sealed or open container. Technology has developed to this day, from ancient rulers to modern optoelectronic, ultrasonic, radar measuring instruments… Humanity has invented countless methods for liquid level measurement. In daily life and indu...
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  • Working principle and important parameters of vortex flowmeter

    Vortex flow meters are mainly used for measuring the flow rate of medium fluids in industrial pipelines, such as gases, liquids, vapors, and other media. Its characteristics are small pressure loss, large range, high accuracy, and almost unaffected by parameters such as fluid density, pressure, t...
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  • Detailed Explanation of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Technology

    Vacorda electromagnetic flowmeter is an inductive instrument that measures the volume flow of conductive medium in the pipe according to Faraday’s law of induction. It uses the embedded technology of single-chip microcomputer to realize digital excitation. At the same time, it uses CAN fiel...
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