Installation method of V-cone flowmeter

The V-cone flowmeter is mainly used for measuring the flow of liquid, fixed, and gas. Compared to the selection method, the installation method of the V-cone flowmeter is relatively simple. The installation of the V-cone flowmeter has already been planned during the selection process. Therefore, when receiving the V-cone flowmeter, it only needs to be installed according to the user manual. This article lists several key points to pay attention to when installing the V-cone flowmeter.
The installation of the V-cone flowmeter measurement device involves many aspects such as the selection, material, and installation size of the sampling tube, V-cone sensor, connecting pipe, cut-off valve, transmitter, etc. For different measurement objects and requirements, installation methods vary, and can be completely carried out according to design requirements. We will only analyze the connection method between the positive and negative pressure pipes and the transmitter.
In general, the door transmitter is marked with the letters H (high) and L (low), with the former indicating the high pressure side and the latter indicating the low pressure side. After connecting the three valve group to the transmitter, if a person faces the three valve group and the left side of the transmitter is H (high) and the right side is L (low), it is called positive installation; On the contrary, it is called reverse installation.

Connection method of positive and negative pressure pipes
In general, the pressure pipe connected to the upstream of the V-cone is called a positive pressure pipe (or high-pressure side), and the pressure pipe connected to the downstream of the V-cone is called a negative pressure pipe (or low-pressure side). The positive pressure pipe is connected to the high pressure side of the transmitter, and the negative pressure pipe is connected to the low pressure side of the transmitter; When measuring high-temperature media, a condenser should be added to the pressure pipe, and the installation of the condenser must be higher than the differential pressure transmitter, and the height of the condenser should be consistent.
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