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  • The Working Principle And Function of The Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

    Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is a widely used liquid level measuring instrument in industrial production. So, in practical applications, how does the magnetic flap level gauge work, and what are the functions? 1. The principle of the magnetic flap level gauge The magnetic flap liquid level ga...
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  • A Time Difference Ultrasonic Flowmeter and Its Simplified Algorithm

    Vortex flowmeter has been widely used in many industries because of its advantages of strong medium adaptability, no moving parts, and simple structure. The traditional vortex flowmeter adopts the analog signal processing method, which has poor anti-interference ability, and generally uses 4-20mA...
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  • Working Principle of Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    Ultrasonic liquid level gauge is a kind of liquid level instrument that uses the ultrasonic principle to measure liquid level. How does the ultrasonic liquid level gauge work? What is the principle of ultrasonic level gauge? The working principle of ultrasonic liquid level gauge is to transmit en...
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  • Overview and Measurement Principle of RF Admittance Liquid Level Gauge

    RF admittance is a new level control technology developed from capacitive type, which is more reliable, more accurate and more applicable. It is an upgrade of capacitive level technology. The so-called radio frequency admittance means the reciprocal of impedance in electricity. It is composed of ...
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  • The advantages of radar level gauge and the blind spot of radar level gauge measurement

    The radar level gauge is a non-contact level measuring instrument, which can be applied to measure corrosive liquids and slurries, such as: liquid storage tanks, sewage storage tanks, acid-base storage tanks, and slurry storage tanks. Continuous and accurate measurement during the process, the li...
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  • The Difference Between Radar Level Gauge and Ultrasonic Level Gauge

    What is the difference between radar level gauge and ultrasonic level gauge? What are the measurement principles of these two methods? What kind of working conditions are radar level gauge and ultrasonic level gauge used? What are the measurement accuracy of radar level gauge and ultrasonic level...
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  • Application of Flowmeter in Industrial Measurement

    Measurement occupies a place in industrial production, in which flow measurement is an important part of measurement. Flow measurement is closely related to economy, national defense, education and scientific research. Measurement plays a vital role in the development of industrial production and...
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  • Vacorda New Year’s Event

    Vacorda New Year’s Event

    New year, new blessings, new expectations. When the young tree added another annual ring, when the spring embraced the earth again, when the winter showed a brilliant smile, the old man led us to knock on the door of time.   I hope you will join hands with diligence in the new year to increa...
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  • Vacorda Alibaba and Facebook live broadcast more discounts and gifts

    Vacorda Alibaba and Facebook live broadcast more discounts and gifts

    Live/Introduction Vacorda live broadcast preheatingļ¼Œ Welcome Preface Dear friends Did you miss the first live event and regret it? It doesn’t matter, our live broadcast is here again. This...
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