Metal tube variable area Flowmeter

Short Description:

Connection Size: DN15-DN150

Material:  Body: SS304, SS316,SS304+PTFE

Float: SS304,SS316,SS304+PTFE, Hast’C, Ti  etc.

Fluid Temperature: -30~+350℃

Power Supply: Battery Powered, 24VDC, 220VAC

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Metal tube rotameter measured medium flows through the annulus space between measuring tapper pipe and float from bottom to top, producing differential pressure on  the top and bottom of float to form lifting force. When the lifting force on float is stronger than the weight of float in the fluid, the float will rise, annulus area will also increase. The flow rate of fluid at annulus space will suddenly decrease, the differential pressure on top and bottom of float decreases, the lifting force on the float also decrease till lifting force and the weight of float keep balance, float will stay at a location. The height of float is the flow of measured medium. There’s magnetic steel in the float, while float moves up and down with medium, magnetic field will change with the movement of float.


Product Feature

1. Metal tube rotameter has simple structure, good stability and reliability.

2. Independent of medium’s physical and chemical states such as conductivity, dielectric constants, etc.

3. Applicable for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one.

4. Interface measurement or level measurement of 2 kinds of medium with different density.

5.Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output, 0.8’’ or 0.56” LED digital display.


Product Structure

Metal tube variable area Flowmeter04 Metal tube variable area Flowmeter05




Technical Parameter



Measuring range: Water:1~200000L/H(20℃)
Air: 0.03~6000m3/h (20℃, 0.1013MPa)
Measuring range proportion: Standard: 10:1; Special: 20:1
Accuracy class: Standard:1.5; Special: 1.0
Pressure class: Standard:DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa; DN80~DN200≤1.6MPa
High pressure:DN15~DN50≤32MPa;DN80~DN200≤16MPa
Pressure loss: 7kPa~70kPa
Medium temperature: Standard:-40℃~+100℃; PTFE:-50℃~+100℃
High pressure:110℃~+450℃
Medium viscosity: DN15:Ƞ<5mPa.s(F15.1~F15.3), Ƞ<30mPa.s(F15.4~F15.8)
DN25:Ƞ<250mPa.s; DN50~DN200:Ƞ<300mPa.s
Environment temperature: Remote type: -40℃~+85℃
On-the spot needle indicator: -40℃~+100℃
Connection type: Standard: DIN2501 standard flange; special: c

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