Analysis of principle and characteristics of liquid level gauge

Liquid level gauge is a kind of measuring instrument used to measure the liquid level in containers, storage tanks and pipelines in industry, food industry, biological pharmaceutical industry and other industries. Generally, the high and low position of the measured liquid in the container is called the liquid level. Therefore, the instrument for measuring the liquid level is collectively referred to as the liquid level gauge. Liquid level gauge is one of the widely used instruments in material level instruments. Its types include floating ball liquid level gauge, glass tube liquid level gauge, magnetic flap liquid level gauge, ultrasonic liquid level gauge, radar liquid level gauge, etc. Next, this paper will focus on the principle and characteristics of ultrasonic level gauge, floating ball level gauge and magnetic flap level gauge.

1、 Ultrasonic level gauge
Principle: the transducer (probe) sends out high-frequency ultrasonic pulse, which is reflected back when encountering the surface of the measured medium, and part of the reflected echo is received by the same transducer and converted into electrical signal.
Features: ultrasonic level meter has high accuracy. It is a non-contact level measuring instrument with high reliability, high cost performance and easy installation and maintenance.

2、 Float level gauge
Principle: put a hollow floating ball into the liquid. When the liquid level changes, the floating ball changes with the change of liquid level. The position of the floating ball can be measured by mechanical or electrical methods through the magnetic sensor in the middle of the floating ball. In other words, in fact, the principle of floating ball level gauge is based on Archimedes principle. When the liquid level of the container changes, the floating ball also moves up and down. Due to the magnetic action just mentioned, the reed tube of the floating ball liquid level gauge is magnetically attracted, so that the resistance in the sensor changes linearly, and then the change of the resistance value is converted into 4mA ~ 20mA standard DC signal output by the converter, so as to realize the remote detection and control of the liquid level.
Features: high accuracy, switch control and continuous output mode at the output end. With simple structure and high cost performance, it is suitable for liquid level measurement in electric power, gold treatment, papermaking, food, chemical industry, industrial sewage treatment and other industries.

3、 Magnetic flap level gauge
Principle: the magnetic flap liquid level gauge realizes the real-time measurement of liquid level based on the principle of connector and magnetic coupling. When the measured liquid level rises and falls, the magnetic float in the buoy also rises and falls, and the permanent magnetic steel in the float will drive the magnetic flap outside the buoy to flip 180 ° through magnetic coupling. Both sides of the flap are coated with white and red respectively. When the liquid level in the container rises, the flap changes to red; When the liquid level drops, the flap changes to white, and the red white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level in the container. When the transmission output is required, a reed remote transmitter can be configured to realize the remote transmission output of 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10mA current signal.
Features: it is convenient to observe the change of liquid level in real time from a distance, with clear indication, intuitive reading, convenient installation and low maintenance cost. It can also adopt two forms of side installation and top installation according to the different installation positions in the container.
The flap-11 series magnetic flap level gauge of Shenzhen Jiwei Automation Co., Ltd. is the one with the highest sealing performance and reliability among the magnetic flap level gauges independently developed and produced by domestic manufacturers. The gauge is a magnetic flap liquid level gauge, which adopts a widened display panel, and the liquid level reading is clearer. In addition, the protection grade of the whole machine reaches IP66 / 67, which makes the gauge a magnetic flap liquid level gauge, which has a great advantage in the industrial market. In addition, the R & D department innovated and improved the lining structure of the traditional magnetic flap level gauge, and was awarded the national patent of “lining structure of magnetic flap level gauge”. So far, the gauge is a magnetic flap level gauge, and three structural processes have been patented and protected.

Post time: 19-04-22