About the introduction of the steam jacket magnetic flap level gauge, what kind of tool is this?

Do you know a tool called a magnetic plate level gauge? Yes, it is mainly used for the measurement of various liquids, but how much do you know about the magnetic flap level gauge of the steam jacket? If you don’t know, let’s take a look at the editor’s introduction today!Steam sleeve magnetic flap level gauge1. Introduction to the steam sleeve magnetic flip plate level gaugeThe steam-jacketed magnetic flap level gauge is a multi-functional integrated instrument. This transmits the change in the liquid level to the field indicator to indicate the actual height of the liquid level. Equipped with liquid level alarm and liquid level remote transmission device. The liquid level alarm can realize the upper and lower limit value control of the liquid level, limit alarm and accident interlock. The liquid remote transmission device linearly converts the change of the liquid level into a DC current signal of 4-20madc to realize remote liquid level indication and control records. The level gauge has the performance of pressure-proof, explosion-proof and intrinsic safety protection. The whole machine is made of wear-resistant materials. Therefore, it has corrosion resistance.Steam sleeve magnetic flap level gaugeSecond, the structural principle of the steam jacket magnetic flap level gaugeThe liquid level alarm is converted from a magnetic float material to a relay contact output through a non-contact alarm switch, and realizes the purpose of liquid level control by working under a specified value of the liquid level. The alarm switch is set at the required control position of the liquid level, and the converter is set in the control room.The liquid level remote transmission device linearly converts the change of the liquid level into a 4-20mA current signal through the magnetic material, and transmits it to the secondary instrument to realize the remote transmission, measurement, control and recording of the liquid level.The level gauge is composed of three parts: basic on-site indicator, level gauge and level gauge.The basic shape is developed based on the principle that the magnetic float is subjected to upward buoyancy in the liquid according to Archimedes’s law, is repelled by the magnetic steel and the same sex, and is attracted from the opposite sex. According to the above principle, when the linear change of the liquid level is transmitted to the field indicator through the magnetic force, the liquid level is red and the gas phase is white.Steam sleeve magnetic flap level gaugeThird, the characteristics of the steam jacket magnetic flip plate level gauge1. Simple structure and convenient installation.2. Complete inspection functions.3. Wide measuring range.4. The reading indicating novel is very intuitive.5. Corrosion and explosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure capability are strong, the maximum temperature can reach 600, and the maximum pressure can reach 25MPa.6. Strong sealing and not easy to penetrate. Special interface treatment is adopted, which is suitable for high permeability occasions such as liquid ammonia.7. It can be used in low temperature conditions, adopting special sleeve technology, and can also deal with the situation of minus 200 degrees.8. The signal transmission ability is strong, the signal output is a switch quantity, an analog quantity, and it can have a HART protocol.Steam sleeve magnetic flap level gaugeSeeing this, you will understand what kind of tool the magnetic flap level gauge of the steam jacket is. In fact, this tool is used a lot in our current production and life. If you don’t believe it, go to the official website of Huikeda Meter. At that time, you believed it.

Post time: 21-09-21