V-Cone Flow Meter

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Operating temperature: -160~700℃

Operating pressure: ≤16MPa(Maxinum 42MPa)

Material: All types of metals, PP, PVC

Accuracy: 0.5

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V-cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. So far it is more than 100 years since all kinds of flow measurement devices that based on pressure differential theory have been used. Pressure differential theory is based on energy conversion principle in sealed piping, which means that to the steady liquid, flux and flow velocity’s square root is direct ratio. Pressure will reduce when velocity increases. When medium approaches to cone, the pressure is P1. While when medium is passing to cone’s throttled area, pressure reduced to P2 due to reduced passing area and increased speed. Both P1 and P2 are connected to differential pressure transformer through pressure mouth. When flow rate is changed, the pressure differential value will increase or decrease accordingly.


Product Features

1. Extremely durable, precision machined cone element.

2.Minimal maintenance required.

3.Repeatability of +/-0.1% or better.

4. V-cone flow meter ‘s flow ranges of 10:1 or higher.

5. Compact space saving design.

6. Accuracy up to +/-0.5%, with calibration.



Product Structure

V-Cone Flow Meter04

Technical Parameters     


Accuracy class:  0.5
Long-term stability:  ± 0.1%F.S / Y
Repeatability:  ± 0.1%
Minimum flow velocity:  0.1m
Turndown ratio:  Normally15:1;  max50:1
Reynolds number range:  8 × 103 ~ 5 × 106
Operating pressure:  ≤ 16MPa,  42MPa(maximum)
Operating temperature:  -160 °C ~ 700 °C
Nominal diameter:  φ15~φ2000 (1/2″~120″)


Product Applications


V-cone flow meter is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, steel, light industry, sewage processing, environmental protection, water conservancy project and pharmacy to measure the volume flow of the conducted liquid mediums.


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