Continuous Capacitance Level Meter Measurement Capacitive Liquid Level Gauge Water Level Sensor With LED Display

Short Description:

Measuring Range: Rigid electrode:0~3m ( or customize)

Flexible Electrode:0~60m (or customize)

Accuracy Class: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0

Signal Output: 2 wire 4~20mADC

Nominal Pressure: 6, 1.0, 2.5, 6.4~32MPa

Working temperature: -190 ~ 350 °C

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Capacitive Level Gauge Description
HBY type capacitive liquid level sensor utilizes capacitance gotten from physical changes provided by the probe and the container to present a linear variation pattern as the content (liquid) level changes, then convert the variation into 4 ~20mADC standard output signal. This type adopts the design of radio frequency with stable amplitude and is featured with good anti-interference and reliability, so it becomes easy and simple to measure the liquid level of the mediums under complex environments.


Capacitive Level Gauge Measuring Principle
A capacitive liquid level sensor is an instrument for measuring the height of a liquid and converting it to an electrical signal. The liquid level signal output can then be utilised by other instrumentation to display, monitor, log or control the liquid level.
Capacitive liquid level gauges are measurement devices which typically consist of a single probe which acts as an immersed electrode inside a tank. This probe interacts with an opposite electrode, usually the the wall of the tank, and the two are connected together to form a capacitor.
The liquid contents of the tank act as the dielectric medium, which will affect the capacitance created between the two electrodes. If the liquid level rises and falls, this will change the capacitance measured by the probe in a predictable way, and therefore it can be used very effectively as a measurement of liquid level.
The change in capacitance can be measured by applying an alternating voltage and current between the two electrodes, with a frequency typically in the radio frequency (RF) range.

Product Features
1.Continuously measuring the level of almost all strong and weak corrosive mediums
2.Our capacitive liquid level sensor has high work temperature, -190 ~ +200°C
3.High work pressure, -0.1 ~ 32MPa
4. Almost independent of effects such as pressure, temperature, humidity etc. on measurement.
5.High anti-interference, stability and reliability
6.Explosion-proof design


Product Structure


Application Of Capacitive Level Gauge


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