Vacorda High Accuracy Integrated Type Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Level Gauge

Short Description:

Measuring Range: 500-6000mm(Customize)

Measurement Accuracy: 0.5%

Output: 4-20mADC

Operation Temperature: -25~ +80 ℃

Probe Material: ABS,PVDF,PTFE2

Protective Class: IP67

Customized: LED Disply

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Product Introduction

Working Principle
The ultrasonic level gauge is composed of an ultrasonic transducer(probe) emits high-frequency pulse sound waves, which are reflected back to the surface of the measured object (material), and the reflected echo is received by the transducer and converted into an electrical signal. The propagation time of the sound waves is proportional to the distance from the sound wave to the surface of the object. The time between the sound wave and the return sound wave is detected to calculate the distance from the sensor to the surface of the material, thereby calculating the height of the level.

Integrated Type Ultrasonic Level Transmitter05

Product Features

★Non-contact media measurement, is not affected by the viscosity, specific gravity, etc.of the measured medium, and has strong anti-interference;
★Use environmentally friendly materials and do not pollute the measured medium;
★Non-toxic, can be used for pharmaceutical and food industry measurement;
★It can be equipped with relay contact output to realize the level alarm function;
★Panel button setting parameters, user parameter setting is convenient and fast;
★Using microprocessor and unique echo processing technology, it can adapt to the level and liquid level measurement under various complicated working conditions;
★With self-learning function, it can identify the true echo, and the measurement result is accurate. It has automatic temperature compensation, suppressing drift and improving measurement accuracy.
★The protection grade is IP67, which can be used in most outdoor working conditions.

Integrated Type Ultrasonic Level Transmitter06

Technical Parameters:




Range 5m,10m,15m,20m,30m,40m 5m,10m,15m,20m,30m,40ms
Protect grade: Display instrument IP65, probe IP68 Display instrument IP65, probe IP68
Ambient temperature Display instrument -20 ~ + 60 ℃,
Probe -20 ~ + 80 ℃
Display instrument -20 ~ + 60 ℃,
Probe -20 ~ + 80 ℃
measurement accuracy 0.5%-1.0% 0.5%-1.0%
Probe cable Up to 100 meters, standard 10 meters no
Analog output 4 ~ 20mA / 510Ω load 4-wire 4 ~ 20mA / 510Ω load2-wire 4 ~ 20mA / 250Ω load
powered Standard 220V AC + 15% 50Hz
Optional 24VDC 120mA
Custom 12VDC or battery powered
Standard 24VDC
Optional 220V AC + 15% 50Hz
Optional 12VDC or battery powered
Communication Optional 485 or 232 communication Optional 485 or 232 communication
Relay Output Optional 2 sets of AC 250V / 8A or DC 30V / 5A state programmable Optional 2 sets of AC 250V / 8A or DC 30V / 5A state programmable


Application Fields
☆ Water and sewage treatment: pump house, collection well, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank, etc.
☆ Electricity, mine: mortar pool, coal slurry tank, butter storage tank or partial mobile equipment control, etc.
☆ Food industry: winery, granary, food material tank, etc.
☆ Used in conjunction with the control system


Video of Ultrasonic Level Gauge

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