Electrode Level Switch

Short Description:

Protection Grade: IP65

Work Temerature: <80℃

Out put: Relay, 220VAC/5A

Insert Length: 300mm.

Pressure: 16MPa

Power Supply: 220VAC

Life Span: 5-10 years

Material: SS304

Installation Thread: 1″NPT external thread

Product Detail

Product Tags

1, Power Supply: 220VAC, 24VAC
2, Contact Capacity: 220VAC 5A, SPDT
3, One controller matches one liquid point output (confirmed the number of liquid point that matches corresponding controller, and the comer rod of each controller needs to be connected to the common rod of the electrode rod.)
4, Standard NIN chuck interface with simple installation


Working Principle
SLD Series electrode level switch works together with the controller. When conductive liquid medium is not in contact with the electrode bar, there is no current between the electrode rods; when the electrode rod contacts the liquid, the electrode rod is connected and the controller operates. The weak current supplied to the electrode by the controller can ensure the product operate safely for a long time.

Product Advantages
1, This cannot be explosion-proof.
2, It must be used in normal pressure.
3, It requires conductive medium.

Technical Parameters

Probe material

 SS304, SS316L,

Probe pressure

 Max 4.0MPa

Material temperature

 -196 ~ 350 ℃

Working power

 220VAC, 24VDC;

Alarm form

 optional upper or lower limit alarm;

Output signal

 Relay output

Contact form


Contact capacity

 220VAC 5A;

Power consumption

 2.5W max;

Ambient temperature

 -20 ~ 60 ℃;

Protection level


Product Application

Electrode type capacitive liquid level switch is widely used in liquid level detection and alarm of various non explosion-proof, non flammable, explosive and conductive liquids

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