RF Admittance Level Switch

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Application: liquid / Powder / Block
Measurement range: 200-10000mm
Power supply:DC24V
IP grade:IP67
Temperature range:-40℃~800 ℃

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The RF admittance level instrument is developed from the capacitive level measurement technology. It is a level control detection instrument with anti-hanging material, more reliable, more accurate and wider applicability. RF admittance is a combination of resistive, capacitive, and inductive components.


RF admittance level control technology is to achieve level measurement by measuring the admittance of the measured medium with high frequency radio waves. The difference between RF admittance technology and capacitive technology lies in the diversity of measurement quantity and three-electrode technology. A shield electrode is added between the measurement electrode and the ground electrode to protect the halo electrode from the influence of the hanging material, and the measurement is more stable. Accurate and reliable.


When the position of the material changes, the three-electrode signal processing circuit compares the comprehensive change signal of impedance, capacitive reactance and inductive reactance with the reference signal. When the difference between the two signals reaches a certain level, the output state of the relay changes, thereby detecting Level changes.

1.Anti-adhesion: unique circuit design and sensor structure can eliminate the influence of the measurement of the material on the probe, and automatically correct it, avoiding false measurements and signals, and no need to clean the probes regularly;
2.Maintenance-free: The switch can be moved by mistake, no mechanical wear, no maintenance required;
3.Strong anti-interference: contact measurement, 0.3 second delay can eliminate the influence of material fluctuation;
4.Strong adaptability: can detect powder, particles, liquid, viscous, conductive, non-conductive materials.

Technical Parameters

Probe material

 SS304, SS316L, etc.

Probe pressure

 Max 5.0MPa



Material temperature

 -184 ~ 350 ℃

Switching delay

 The delay range is adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds;

Mounting interface

 1"NPT, 3/4" NPT or customer flange

Electrical interface

 M20*1.5, 1/2 "NPT

Working power

 220VAC, 24VDC;

Alarm form

 optional upper or lower limit alarm;

Output signal

 Relay output

Contact form


Contact capacity

 220VAC 5A;

Power consumption

 2.5W max;

Ambient temperature

 -40 ~ 80 ℃;

Protection level


Explosion-proof grade

 ExiaⅡCT5Ga, ExidⅡCT5Gb

1.Power industry: coal transportation, ash removal system (ash bucket, warehouse pump, ash storage)
2.Building materials industry: such as cement plants
3.Food industry: flour cans, packaging hoppers
4.Pharmaceutical industry: various raw materials storage silos, ingredient mixing tanks, etc.
5.Paper industry: sawdust bin, liquid tank.

Video of RF Admittance Level  Switch

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