Electrical Submersible Cable Float Level Switch With Customized Cable Length

Short Description:

Material: PP, SUS304

Contact Capacitance: 10A/250VAC(PP),2A/250VAC(SUS304)

Contact type: 1A,1B or 1AB(PP),SPDT(SUS304)

Cable specification: Rubber cable and PVC(PP) Silicone:0.75mm2*3C(SUS304)

Suitable temperature: Rubber cable: -10℃~80℃

Gravity: >0.6g/cm3(PP),>0.5g/cm3(SUS304)

Electrical endurance: ≥50.000 times

Flow Rate: 100.000 Times

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Basic Parameters
1. Float Material: PP, SS304
2. Contact Capacity:10a/250vac(PP)、2a/250vac(SS304)
3. Contact Type:1a, 1b or 1ab(pp)、SPDT(SS304)
4. Cable Specification: rubber thread and PVC wire rod(pp)、silica gel wire 0.75mm2×3c(SS304)
5. Applicable Temperature:
rubber thread -10℃~80℃, PVC wire 0℃~60℃, Silica gel wire 0~170℃
6. Applicable Proportion:>0.6g/cm3(pp)、>0.5g/cm3(SS304)

Working Principle
Floating ball switch uses micro switch as contact element. When the liquid level rises and touches the float ball, the float ball will change its angle with the rise of water level. When the elevation angle of the float ball exceeds a certain angle with the horizontal surface, the contact signal of on or off will be output at the switch.

Installation type as shown below

dianlanfuqiukaig (1)
220v 1kw the following pump motors can be directly used * automatic drainage connection black-brown line, automatic water supply connection black-blue line.

dianlanfuqiukaig (2)
*1kw above pump motor need to add ac contactor or intermediate relay*

dianlanfuqiukaig (3)
*reference for wiring installation of 2-point water

Internal Contact Description
floating ball contacts are divided into three forms(A means normally open point,B means normally close point,C means normally common point):
A:contact connection when liquid level is higher than float ball
B:contact connection when liquid level is lower than float ball

Explanation of outgoing line of single cable floating ball switch:
A: brown b: blue c: black

Installation Notes
1. Customers can choose different types according to their requirements, such as long-distance, multi-point liquid level control, normal temperature liquid or waste water.
2.The action length “a” of the float ball must be less than the distance a between the groove wall and the cable, and the lowest water level “d” controlled by the float ball must be greater than the water level d. As shown below:

dianlanfuqiukaig (4)
3.installation position should be kept at a proper distance from the inlet of the pump to prevent the float switch from being sucked into the inlet。

dianlanfuqiukaig (5)
4. The installation position and the inflow port should be kept at an appropriate distance to avoid incorrect induction by water impact. If it is unavoidable, a protective tube can be added to improve. See below:

dianlanfuqiukaig (6)
5. The controlled line load must match the switch contact capacity.
6. The specific gravity of the liquid should be considered before installation.
7. The metal cable float ball single product can be fixed with a strip when it is installed. It cannot be directly fixed on the silicone cable with a metal clamp. If necessary, the ptfe hose bushing must be equipped before the metal clamp can be installed.
8. Pay attention to the sealing at the inlet when installing, to prevent water vapor from entering the junction box; when installing a single product, note that the outlet should not be exposed directly outside.
9. Avoid exposing the wires to the outdoors for a long time.

Video of Cable Float Level Switch

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